Your Handbook to Loungewear, Athletic Sets, and Cold Weather Fashion Posted on

Lucky for us, loungewear isn’t going anywhere in 2022!

These go-to outfits are perfect for any occasion or gathering. Plus, they don’t need that many accessories to dress up or down, making them a versatile and extremely comfortable fashion option.

With our prices being up to 70% less than department stores, the opportunities are endless.

Check out our handbook to loungewear, athletic sets, and cold weather fashion for 2022 and beyond!

Keep it in the Family

Rocking loungewear is as easy as finding a matching lounge set. To make your look stand out, you can choose unexpected colors like tie-dye or bright pink. You can also select a lounge set in a neutral color, like olive green, and elevate it by adding gold accessories and platform boots.

Don’t Sweat It

Athletic wear is becoming one of the most adaptable pieces in everyone’s closet. From the gym to school to errands, there’s always a time or place for athletic sets. If you’re looking to spice up your black leggings, we suggest trying pastel colors like blush pink or lavender. Throw in a bold print to make your outfit stand out!

Layer Up

Think joggers with a layered outdoor jacket and beanie to match for all your outdoor activities and adventures this winter. Pairing athletic and outdoor gear can also create an edgy, casual vibe.

Track Attire

When it comes to staying comfy, athletic wear is the perfect answer. Simply throw on a pair of track pants with a hoodie in a matching color, and you’re ready for anything the day throws your way. If you’d like to upgrade your style, try adding a pop of color like green, blue, or red.

Give it Some Heat

Sweaters have become a staple in loungewear. They’re the perfect top to go over leggings and lounge pants. They also look extra elevated when you pair them with combat or military boots. Adding a sweater and boots with your favorite leggings may just become your new favorite cold-weather style.

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