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At Peter Harris, our favorite thing about vacation is the packing! With so many fun outfits at totally awesome prices, we can’t help but love putting it all together! Only problem, finding a big enough suitcase! We’ve got you covered through, with this smart packing guide to help you pack a suitcase like a pro.

Start with a Packing List

This is a really easy way to initially lay out what outfits you think you need for your trip. If you know you are going to a fancy dinner one night, then remembering to pack the right accessories and undergarments are going to be key! Keeping a list will also help keep you from over packing and not forgetting anything. Make sure you consider shoes when you are going through the list. There are many different shoes for many different occasions and outfits. But we don’t need to tell you fashionistas!

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Roll Your Clothes

One of the best suitcase packing tips is to simply roll your clothes! It saves lots of space, and you can use every nook and cranny. If you are looking for a challenge, you can try a technique called the Ranger Roll. This style of packing to some known as the army packing technique helps condense clothing through calculated folds and rolls. You can pack more than a weeks’ worth of clothing in a carry-on! We’re down for that trend!


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Plan Your Outfits

A tough piece of packing advice people hate hearing is that they shouldn’t ever bring things “just in case”. Planning your outfits in advance can really help you streamline your vacation wardrobe and ensure you’re only bringing things you will actually wear. We’re not saying you shouldn’t bring an extra t-shirt or pair of shorts, but adding in a dress here, a pair of sandals there can really weigh you down. If you’re flying, knowing the airplane bag fee will really help keep you in check!


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Make Tough Wardrobe Cuts

Once you have all your outfits laid out and what you think you will need for your trip, the hard part comes. We would love it if you could bring every favorite blouse, pair of leggings and shoes you own, but when packing for vacation, we know that is not practical. Look at what you want to bring and see where you can make cuts. Can you bring one pair of shoes that matches 3 different outfits? How about one pair of shorts that you can pair with multiple tops? By coordinating and grouping like items and styles, you can scale down your packing list by a lot! Good luck, we know this step will be hard!


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Peter Harris Is Here For You

At Peter Harris, we know we have a huge selection of vacation outfits ready and waiting for you. With hundreds of styles at our everyday low prices, you can shop more and still save! Our staff is here and ready to help you make the tough cuts! Or maybe talk you into that dress you can’t leave home without!