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Spring is around the corner, which means it’s time for bright colors, bold patterns, and florals!

Jump into warmer weather with our top secrets to your best spring wardrobe yet. We’re spilling four juicy styling tips that will make you feel more refreshed than a glass of cool lemonade.

Let’s dive in!

Floral Patterns

Every season, we see florals come back time and time again. We love the simplicity and elegance that radiates from lavish floral patterns on richer colors, which aren’t in a typical pastel color scheme. This contrast really makes the patterns pop!

Floral patterns and colors can be paired easily with jeans or a pair of slacks without losing its sophistication. This makes the perfect outfit that can be worn to work during the day and out to drinks after. Cheers to that!

Plus Fresh Florals



Color-blocking will give your outfit an extra edge. By pairing primary colors together, like blue, yellow, and red, you’ll create a cohesive look even with different hues. Plus, it makes pattern mixing so much easier. For example, look how easily the striped top below can pair with the blue or red pants. If you’re daring enough, you could even throw a jacket or sweater with similar colors with a different print on top.

Misses Spring Colors

Pops of Color

The best way to embrace the change in season is to first start wearing more unexpected pops of color here and there. We especially love how simple it can be. In this case, you could pair a bright purple, paisley patterned shirt (like the one below) with the blue pants or choose a patterned shirt with black pants or denim jeans.

No matter how you layer it, think about how you could add a pop of color to your outfit, whether this is through a top or even an accessory like the purple purse below.

Plus Splash of Color

Sweet Details

Spring isn’t just for color. It’s about texture, too! Our favorite finds that end up being staples in our spring closets are off-the-shoulder ruffle shirts in cute patterns (we adore the white one with stripes below!). We also love leaning toward light flowy tops that look great with layered necklaces on top. To make the outfit even cuter, pair it with a pink pastel backpack with floral details on the front. Make time to include all the sweet details in your wardrobe!

Juniors Spring Style

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