Back to School Basics: Get an A+ in fashion this year! Posted on

Back to school season is upon us, and it’s time to stock up on your favorites and stand out this year! Get all the latest trends from top designers for less and walk through the hallways with confidence.

A new year of school means many different things; new things to learn, new friends to make, and new ways to explore your personal style! Find all your back-to-school basics now at Peter Harris.

Cool & Cute

Step into the school year with a fun and flowy outfit! A floral denim top plus an army green skirt equals a great first day outfit! Mix and match your looks with other great finds like a classic pair of black jeans, or comfy cardigans.

girls clothing












Playground Outfit Inspo

Have a kiddo that’s always ready for recess? Grab the perfect outfits for them to enjoy their time at school and on the playground. T-shirts and athletic wear are the perfect choice to keep them looking cute and feeling comfortable. Starting at just $6, these are perfect for those who love to move and groove!

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Relaxed & Ready for Class

Graphic tees are a great way to bring a touch of your personality to your look. Find ones that speak to you for a cool and casual look. A pair of jeans is always a great option for a school day!  With prices for jeans starting at $13 and tees starting at just $5, grab one for every day of the week!


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Schoolyard Attire

Ripped jeans never go out of style and the classic mom jeans fit has returned! Grab a pair with some faux wear and tear for a bold yet relaxed look. Throw on a long sleeve and get ready to ace your exams.

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Stop into a Peter Harris store near you to grab your back-to-school basics now! With amazing designer brands at low prices, you’ll find your new favorite looks for less.